IT Outsourcing


While Anzemah is an IT outsourcing provider specializing in providing dedicated teams for projects of varying scale, we also provide IT consulting and staffing services .


Professional staffing services 

Sometimes it is hard to cover all the needs of your company with in-house   talents. IT service providers can help by offering full-time staffing solutions, so you get access to highly-skilled professionals that can start working on your project at once. Anzemah has years of experience in providing high-quality staffing services for IT operations 


Highly-skilled employees for any staffing needs

At Anzemah we provide end-to-end software solutions, so our specialists have ample experience with all stages of software delivery lifecycle: full-stack web and app development, DevOps services, cloud infrastructure management and monitoring, customer service, Big Data analytics, blockchain development, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence training, etc. We house dedicated teams that can onboard your project quickly and deliver it on time.


Efficient team members that work in dedicated teams

We help your business succeed by fielding experienced dedicated teams that become an integral part of your in-house IT staff. With one of the best customer review records in the IT staffing industry and being among the top Managed Services Providers in the Market, Anzemah is able to provide teams for short-term projects that grow into long-term partnerships.